Care at Home

SFT is committed to health promotion and disease prevention, providing home care tailored to your needs.

Obtaining home care

Care at Home

Whether privately, in collaboration with the various CLSCs or through external partnerships, we can advise and implement a personalized care plan that meets your family's specific needs.


The first step in our family assessment is a simple meeting, allowing us to understand your situation and create a care plan that meets your current needs, while remaining easily adaptable over time.

Care Plan

The care plan we draw up is entirely tailored to your needs and your family's specific situation. Our goal is to enable your loved one to remain at home, in comfort and safety, for as long as possible.

In-Home Support

With our home care service, you can preserve your independence and enjoy an excellent quality of life, all from the comfort of your own home.


Nos prestations sont adaptées à votre situation et s’ajustent en fonction de vos besoins évolutifs. Nous mettons à votre disposition des collaborateurs compétents, bien encadrés et empathiques pour vous accompagner dans diverses activités quotidiennes telles que les soins d’hygiène, les tâches ménagères (préparation des repas et lessive), les travaux ménagers légers, le soulagement des aidants naturels, ainsi que le support et l’assistance en leur absence.


In addition, we offer the services of healthcare professionals, covering a variety of areas such as wound care, insulin administration with associated teaching, palliative care, pre/post surgical care, general healthcare, dressing renewals, intravenous therapy, injections, home blood sampling, and ongoing follow-up for all our customers.


Aware that introducing an outsider into your life can be tricky, we strive to always assign the same caregiver to you, to encourage the development of close ties between our staff and your family.


Our commitment to excellence is underpinned by a dedicated staff who are always ready to listen to your needs.