Referral Bonus

Êtes-vous satisfait de votre collaboration avec Services SFT?

Inform us via [email protected] of the referred person's name before hiring.

Referring pays off

  1. Infirmier(ère) – Prime de 250$*
  2. Professionnel non infirmier (travailleur social, éducateur spécialisé, etc.) – Prime de 300$*
  3. Infirmier(ère) auxiliaire – Prime de 100$*
  4. Préposé(e) aux bénéficiaires – Prime de 100$*

You can recommend as many employees to us as you want. We will analyze your reference and we will pay you the amount corresponding to the bonus granted.

The referral program is only for employees of SFT Healthcare Services. You must therefore be an active employee to benefit from the referral bonus.

*For each referred employee; after 30 shifts completed by the referred employee.
*This bonus is granted following the evaluation of the referred employee after thirty (30) days following the date of hire. 
*Evaluation criteria include, but are not limited to: punctuality, respect for availability, and respect for accepted work shifts.